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Mixing Wired and Wireless on one network


I have ADSL supply, which comes in to my Origo dsl modem. The network cable then goes to my wireless router ( belkin 54g) whcih has an additional 4 output sockets for fixed network connection. Presently, 2 PCs, and 3 laptops work wirelessly over this sytem. There are no fixed connections.

However, I need an 8 output fixed network solution, which will work alongside the wireless network, as I have rewired so I can distribute large video files to any room / computer in the house. The cabling is in place, but I need to know three things :

1. Can I just buy an 8 port switch to supply fixed connection to the network sockets distributed round the house, or do I need to buy another / bigger router ?
2. Should I connect the switch to the wireless router ? i.e. modem to wireless router to switch
3. What conflicts am I likely to get if I connect a laptop set up for wireless, to a fixed connection - or will it automatically adjust ?

All the computers are using XP.

As regards the assisstance I need, I should let you know that I am not a techy, but equally, I do not fear computers.

Thanks for any help you can give

1. Yes you can ;)

2. If I were you, I would just connect the switch to a free port on your belkin 54g. so that makes modem to wireless router through to switch.
   this way has some advantages.

* Your nat routing applies to all of your clients.
* Your DHCP will work for each of your clients
* Your firewall on the belkin will work for your entire network.
* You have only one network range.

3. No problemo.. Here you will see that both network adapters will get an ip address and will work correctly together. You could choose eventually to make a bridge
    between them so they are used as 1 connection..

Thanks for the speedy reply - problem solved? :)

np, great to hear it..

but just out of curiousity, How did you solve it?


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