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Problem with Network Tun Miniport adapter ?

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Atomic Mitten:
In my device mananger I have a yellow exclamtion mark ( not a question mark) under my Network adapters sub menu, it states Microsoft Tun Miniport Adapter #2

Any ideas what this is as if I try and un-install it it states that it is needed for the PC to boot.
I have tried re-installing it but no joy.

Any help greatly apreciated.

It's a network driver that provides a tunnel with a File API interface, through which a user-mode Windows application or service can interact with the network stack as if the application were a network interface.

According to MS ;)

The exclamation mark usually means you don't have the correct drivers or it has a conflict with another device on your computer.

boot the computer in safe mode, and try to delete it then...
maybe it helps..

Atomic Mitten:
I finally got rid of it by going into regedit and then right clicking on the entry selecting security permissions and setting my admin account to my user account, then I could delete it.

it is indeed quite handy, to have the permissions to delete it...


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