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Fedore core 5


Well Core 6 is about to be released... :D

my question.. I have a compex (el-cheapo) wireless network card..
How do I get that working??
its a PCMCIA iWave port WL54G card

thanks in advance

use NLD ;)

You can emutale the drivers or look for the Linux drivers for them. I used to have a page bookmarked linking to a lot of Linux WLAN drivers. . . although rather bussy now ;)

Well if i remember correctly... the NDIS Wrapper works far from perfect. I used it on my notebook once to emulate a Broadcom Wlan adapter and it was slow as... (Remember that big ass notebook i had before this one Gryphon?)

Don't know if there are any improvements to that offcourse...

On the other hand. Most (new) el-cheapo network cards use a prism or atmel chipset which are recognised correctly in Linux...

Well i installed the new Ubuntu (6.10) and my Wlan works out of the box :D

just some tweaks for WPA and I'm completely happy :P


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