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Seems like a weird thing.

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I'm posting this on behalve of a person I know.
He's got (from what it seems) as memory problem.
He's got 2x512 Mb and when both modules are in the banks, the PC wont start up most of the times, but when he takes one module out, it seems to work.
My first assumption was a corrupt module, but it seems to not make any difference which module he takes out.
Also it doesnt seem to matter which banks he uses for those modules.

I can't think of anything else, so maybe any of you techies can ?

Will post his dxdiag in a sec aswell

What kind of memory is it and which motherboard does he have ?

his dxdiag can be found here

if I'm not mistaken they were Corsair DDR2 modules, but I'll check to make sure for brand and type

Doc Nyar:
Did he overclock his system ?
And [i}his PC won't start up[/I], not at all, or can he get in his BIOS ?


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