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Power Supply: Replace only fan or entire unit?

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My computer is getting older (just like me) and needs attention again (don't get me wrong, I still love the thing) :P

The fan of the power supply is making alot of noise. It started with only a slighty hearable high pitched cracking. But now the sound has developed to loud cracking which reminds me of old hard disks working on full capacity.
I made sure the problem is the fan of the power supply by listening closely, as well as blocking it at computer startup. No noise when it ain't spinning.

I checked some sources on the internet, and it gave me the impression I better replace the fan (instead of oiling it, as it would only help for a few months). However, replacing the fan means opening the power supply. Which is generally a bad idea.

Now I also read that when the fan is starting to break, the rest of the unit may fail one day soon too.
Replacing the entire unit seems easier to me (as it is one block, most of the trouble is only connecting and disconnecting cables) but is somewhat more expensive (30 - 50 euros for a normal unit)

I could let the store do it (warranty has expired, but they still count no service costs) but that leaves me without the computer for 2 weeks, as well as having a hard time transporting the case.

My question is, what should I do?
1) Replace the fan myself?
2) Replace the power supply myself?
3) Let the store do all the work?

Thanks for any help.

Replace the whole unit yourself. 2 weeks for 10 minutes of work is insane. :)

Doc Nyar:

--- Quote from: gryphon on April 05, 2007, 08:18:15 pm ---Replace the whole unit yourself. 2 weeks for 10 minutes of work is insane. :)
--- End quote ---

I agree..

10 minutes of work? You never have had trouble trying to unplug a power plug out of a device drive? Damn those things can be hard to unplug sometimes...
I'll manage though...

2 weeks might be an overestimate. When I return it now, I would just tell them what to do, and they don't have to bother with running all the diagnose cycles. But if it's easy enough (time spent on it doesn't matter to me much, but the risk I take does) I will do it myself.

But in any case you recommend to replace the entire power supply, instead of the fan only, just to be sure? (also because it's easier and safer)

And are there certain power supplies you would recommend, or should I just buy a standard unit with has at least the same Power? (I have no major upgrades planned.)

I'd replace the whole unit because I am lazy.
To much hassle to find a fan for the unit and a good excuse to buy something new for your computer. :)

Depends on what you use your computer for. A standard power unit will do just fine for your every-day-home-computer.
I have a 30 Euro's unit still running after 3 years on non-stop opperations. Bought it ones to save money on a temp server which temp time have been way overdue :P The darned thing still works though.

Then if you can afford it I'd say to buy a silent and better unit.

But then beying a student doesn't always come with the luxury of being able to afford that. :)


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