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Doc Nyar:
The Optimus Maximus is the gamers dream in regards to keyboards... tad bit expensive though (1300 euro's), at least for the expected life span of the Oled's, which is 2.4 years. Still very nice to have :)

Any hard-core gamer who is willing to spend that money is hard-core enough not to need looking at the keyboard anymore. :)
I wonder what the response time is though. For example, when you press <shift> how long does it take for the displays to change to reflect the new symbols?

Doc Nyar:
Good question, no idea though. The first batch of 200 has been sold out. The next batch of 200 is expected 20th of December.
And I am a hardcore gamer, but not gonna fork out 1300Euro for a keyboard that lasts 2.4 years :)

I think it is better spent at games and hardware required for them. Also, isn't it fun to learn all key combinations of a game by yourself? It is a sort of feeling of control that you get when you can find all functions blind.

Think that keyboard will have more uses outside the gaming world then for games. No more multi-langaue keyboards in corporations anymore. No more shortcuts to disable or enable stuff on computers that have to be locked down. Force your keyboard layout and options depending on the loged in user and application. .. darn. Sys-admins Heaven might be true afterall.. .


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