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Woot ! Ordered my new Rig.

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Just ordered my new comp.  With a bit of luck it should be here in a week or so.

Asus P5K (intel)
Intel Core2 Duo E6750 2.67Ghz 4MB Boxed
Corsair XMS DDR2 2048MB 800MHz
Asus nVidia GeForce EN8800GTS 640MB
WD 320GB SATA-II Caviar 7200rpm

Doc Nyar:
Nice one !!

WOOT It's here, and so far it is running very smooth

Doc Nyar:
Hehe, Gratz :)

Bloody Blizz, 3 hours of downloading patches just to find out there's something wrong and you have to start over again.  So I did.  Now it has already been downloading the patches for more then 5 hours.  20 minutes more and patch 2.3 should be in.  Then installing TBC, downloading the add ons, and then I HOPE i'm ready to play again


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