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So I'm thinking about buying myself a gaming laptop (would be easier for the upcomming lan in Denmark and for gaming at my GF's place) but the problem is I have no frigging idea what is good laptop stuff (motherboards, GFX-cards, ...). So I'm looking for some advice, links, ... for a desent gaming laptop for about 1000 Euro.  Any ideas ?

the first two that come to mind are an Alienware and Dell XPS.
(I doubted between an XPS red edition and a MacBook.)

Both the XPS and AlienWare are above your budget ...

Doc Nyar:
Most of us at the previous LAN party had an Asus M51SN, which performed very well.

In Holland it sells close to 1000 Euro's, prolly just above it. May be worth to check out.

Thanks for the info mate, but looks like it's rather hard to find in Belgium. Surfed to a few websites and nothing there. Closest I came was

Doc Nyar:
You definately don't want an onboard ATi videocard m8. I don't think there's any issue from you ordering it in The Netherlands from Belgium. We're practically the same :P


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