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Problem installing Zero Hour

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OK, this is my problem (well, the one that relates to gaming, at least):

When I run the installer program, I get past the starting-up of the install shield wizard. Then i get an error message that says this: "CDKey has encountered a problem and needs to close". and I have no choice but to quit the installer. I've tried deactivating all unnecessary programs (ICQ, firewall, LF connection keeper etc) but it doesn't help. Can anyone think of a solution to this, I was kind of looking forward to continuing harassing my friends with new GLA units...:-)

I'm well within the recommended system specs, have upgraded drivers for just about everything, and have never had any problems with Generals, except of course being overrun by suidcide bombers, but that's a different story=)

Doc Nyar:
Try to do a complete re-install of Generals. One thing you could try is not to upgrade, but install Generals, then Zero hour immidiately afterwards.

I've tried that, doesn't help. I've also tried shutting down all unnecessary programs (antivirus etc) that are running, but it makes no difference=(

Doc Nyar:
Does it provide you with an error number, or just the message you posted in your first post ?

And before re-installing, did you delete all files (also from My Documents) ?

Good point, I did leave my custom maps when I reinstalled. I'll remove them and try again! I get the above written error message, and after clicking oc "more information" I get this information:

"AppName: command and conquer generals zero hour_code.exe    AppVer:    ModName: nview.dll
ModVer:    Offset: 00010003"

I can then click "technical information" (or something like that) and if i do I get another list of supposedly understandable data, but that list is about twice as long as I'm tall so I didn't paste it here...

Thanks for helping me!


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