Author Topic: Hellsdrain and Lightsdeath, leaving BoB :(  (Read 76365 times)


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Hellsdrain and Lightsdeath, leaving BoB :(
« on: August 18, 2010, 11:38:17 pm »
Hey all.
 After a long times considering Hellsdrain and I have decided to leave BoB for a new beginning, we have been playing with the thought of starting a new guild and get new members to raid, maybe take some unexpierinced people too, os they can get to know the fun in raiding. we will see, but caused by BoBs still standing raiding status(we understand the fact that most people in the guild is over 18, and prob. have wife and children to take care of, i dont know, maybe we're just to young) we have decided to leave so, thank you guys for everything, it have been a pleasure raiding with you guys, to be social with you guys, so farewell, where ever you fare i wish you luck.
- The best Regards, Hellsdrain & Lightsdeath.

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