Author Topic: ***New Members please read before posting ***  (Read 210268 times)

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***New Members please read before posting ***
« on: December 18, 2003, 08:48:39 pm »
A lot of new members are starting new threads about Game problems in the general discussion board. This is the wrong thing to do. We have a Game Support board for these type of topics. In the future I will simply move any game support specific problems to the Game support board without a redirection link. The general board is starting to become cluttered with topics that start with "MOVED" and it is becoming a distraction.

I would also suggest all new members please read the forum rules. This will help avoid having your topics moved and/or deleted for breaking the rules. When in doubt read the rules. If you don't understand the rules IM one of the moderators (There's a list of the moderators on the rules page).
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