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Windows Protection??!!
« on: September 29, 2004, 05:23:26 pm »
Ok here it goes: when I learnt how to repartition my hard disk and installed  Windows XP and Linux I found it was a great chance to install Windows 98 too, with the sole aim of being able to play again all those games XP wouldn't run. I had to be patient because while XP didn't need drivers, Windows 98 and I had to wait till I got the modem problem fixed so as to download audio and display drivers. Today I was done with it and prepared myself to play Black 'n' White after three years time. I install it and run the 3D setup program. Dunno if this had anything to do with it, but the CD-Rom drive was open so it couldn't check for the game's disk if it was needed. Anyway it produces a blue screen saying there was an error. I insert the disk, and try to run setup again. This time a window pops up and says there is an error of some sort and that the application setup has to close. My mouse freezes too, and getting impatient I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. The task manager closes the application but still the screen is frozen so I keep pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete repeatedly to restart the com. Getting even more impatient I use the reset button. And just when Windows 98 is about to startup (after the Windows 98 loading screen has appeared), I get the following message in black screen: "Windows Protection error. You have to restart you computer". I got the same thing every time I tried to start Windows 98. I could get in Safe mode but I didn't know what I could do, and the Troubleshooter provided no useful help whatsoever. I even reinstalled Windows 98, but the problem persists. My frustration is greater than great  >:(. You guys have helped me quite a bit and I 'd appreciate any help you could provide in order to solve this problem.