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Linux/Unix Penguin Monitor
« on: July 28, 2003, 09:53:22 am »
Penguin Monitor 8s uses a secure SSH connection for monitoring up to 8 Linux/Unix servers on your LAN or across the Internet. It runs under Windows 9x/Me/XP/NT/2K.
While running on a Windows system tray, it connects to each server in required time intervals and checks for interesting information, e.g. important / critical process availability (database, httpd etc), number of users, uptime or storage capacity. Based on the information it can remind administrator to act accordingly.
It can be easily configured to start automaticaly upon Windows bootup and to alert the administrator directly or via e-mail, when something goes wrong, or when a specified condition is met (a server has restarted, a proces becomes unavailable, or a server is down).
PING-only mode allows you to check whether particular servers or workstations are up, without logging in using ssh.

Give it a try I would say ...

Download the file here
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